Adam Gramling and Mike Cassidy

Adam Gramling and Mike Cassidy, a successful Indiana entrepreneur and Purdue professor

Adam J. Gramling is a nineteen-year old aspiring entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who wishes to change the world. He attended Purdue University as an engineering student before transferring to the University of Southern California to study Industrial and Systems Engineering and Entrepreneurship, as well as to further his paradigmatic project of recovering oil spills by using magnets.

At Purdue Adam served in the President’s Leadership class, spearheading a sustainability movement, participated in TEDxPurdue 2013, and served in the pilot program for Eco-Reps, an organization for promoting green technologies.

Outside of school, Adam has a wide variety of entrepreneurial endeavors. He was featured as a semi-finalist for the 2013 Thiel Fellowship, founded Airway Clothing Co., and is currently leading the formation of Angel Corporation, a company formed off a revolutionary oil spill cleanup technology.

After graduating, Adam hopes to obtain his MBA and transform the world through developing digital and biological technology.


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