Is Immortality Possible?

The Quest for Immortality

Is Immortality Possible?
Do we have a soul? Does any part of who we are survive our physical death? Is there any hope for a human afterlife?  It’s hard for us to imagine, but there might be real physical solutions to the mystery of the human soul and our immortality.  Could it be possible in the far future, for instance, that some advanced intelligence could somehow have the power to extract our minds (the energy or information that comprises our mind) from our brain and to house that information so that we (our minds) could live on indefinitely?  I optimistically visualize a super intelligence at some point in our future being able to essentially download our minds into a super computer where everyone will be able to live on forever and have any sort of life they want and with whomever they want in it.  Wouldn’t this type of existence, for most people, qualify as heaven, as depicted by most religions?  Evolution, I believe, through ever-increasing intelligence, is preparing us for an afterlife, probably like the one I just described.
I highly recommend reading Frank Tipler’s The Physics of Immortality. Tipler, a cosmologist, has put forward a theory that describes how a simulated afterlife in the far future could be possible. According to Tipler, with enough computing power, a super-intelligence could resurrect into a simulation every human who ever lived and even all those who might have lived. I know this sounds bizarre, but science fiction always seems farfetched to the current generation. We can only imagine what humans, or human descendants will be able to do in the far future. I am hopeful of an afterlife due to the fact that intelligence continues to evolve.

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